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our GPs can provide advice around any questions you may have about COVID-19

What should I do?

COVID prevention advice. Advice around masks, washing your hands, medications and more. 

Should I get tested?
Worried about your symptoms? Our GPs can help you understand

I've got COVID
Wondering what to do now? Our GPs will work with you to create a care plan

My family member / friend has COVID

Are you worried? Wondering what you should do next? Our GPs are fantastic counsellors.

What can I expect when I get tested?

Testing advice and results information

Medical Certificates

Do  you have symptoms, been tested, been in close contact or have COVID related anxiety?

I've been exposed

What days should I get tested? How do I know if I have it?

I received a letter from the Government or a text message from the Pathology company
We can help you to understand it

Is lockdown making you feel less healthy or well than usual? Our GPs are experienced counsellors who can support you

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Our team of experienced health professionals have come straight off the front line, having established, managed and run busy GP clinics and a Commonwealth Government COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinic in significantly impacted areas of Melbourne. 

The team had thousands of conversations at the car window, in the clinic and via telehealth. We know how stressful COVID 19 is how many questions you have and how therapeutic some explanation and understanding can be.

The team know exactly what getting a test involves, have supported thousands of patients with checking on their COVID symptoms, provided hours of advice around protecting yourself from COVID and counselled dozens of patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Bringing together expertise in medicine, science, public health, primary health care, hospital systems and research, the team at are renowned for their friendliness, high quality work and professionalism.

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